7 Things to Do on Mahe Island Seychelles


If you’re planning to make the most of your holiday, this guide on “7 things to do on Mahe Island Seychelles” will provide you with everything you need to know —from tips on the best time to visit Mahe, how to get around the island, and of course, the best places and activities to put on your itinerary!

You have seen the picture-perfect beaches on the internet, read (and heard) many positive reviews about the Seychelles. After months (and possibly years) of dreaming about white sand and tropical bliss, you have decided to visit this terrestrial paradise! Naturally, you want to have the most amazing holiday and if you have never been to the Seychelles, deciding where to start might be a bit daunting.

Mahe Island is the largest of the Seychelles’ inner islands and home to the capital Victoria. It is also the very first point for any visitor booking a Seychelles flight as the Seychelles International Airport is located here. Similar to other islands in this unique archipelago, Mahe is abundant in natural beauty —its lush greenery, majestic rock formations and stunning beaches are delightfully pleasing to the senses. Compared to its neighbouring islands —Praslin and La Digue, Mahe is relatively cheaper and offer a wider variety of experiences to choose from. Whether you intend to spend your days in pure, peaceful bliss or seek to satisfy your adventurous spirit, this little piece of paradise has a bit of everything for everyone!

If you’re planning to visit soon, we strongly suggest that you add these 7 things to your itinerary for a memorable holiday on Mahe Island Seychelles.

What is the best time to visit Seychelles?

Located 4 degrees South of the equator, Seychelles experiences a summer-like climate pretty much all year round. Temperatures rarely go below 23 degrees Celsius and the daily weather is usually sunny and sometimes accompanied by a few passing showers. From November to March, because of the North East monsoon, the islands may experience warmer weather (not exceeding 32 degrees Celsius). During this period, the sea is calmer in the Southern region of Mahe whereas the Northern region experiences strong waves and currents.

From April to October, the weather is cooler and there are more frequent but light showers. During this period however, the Northern parts of Mahe experience calm seas whereas the sea in the South becomes rough. When you think about it, Seychelles weather is favourable all year round and there really isn’t a wrong or right time to visit Mahe!

How to get around Mahe?

How to get around mahe

Car Rental

The easiest and most convenient way to get around is to rent a car. Most Seychelles car rentals cost around 55 Euros per day. The roads on Mahe can be a bit narrow, especially in the hilly areas. However, they are generally safe and if you drive carefully, you are sure to have an enjoyable trip. Moreover, the Seychelles people (Seychellois) are very friendly and will be more than willing to help if you stop for directions.

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Private Taxi

Another way to get around is by hiring a private taxi for a customized trip. The downside however, is that this might not be the cheapest option. Often times, given a fixed schedule, you might not necessarily get to enjoy the different sites at an equal, leisurely pace.

Public Buses

The cheapest option is the public buses. Special visitors cards cost 10 Euros for 4 days and 20 Euros for 8 days. Both options allow unlimited travel during their validity period for the normal bus service between 0530 hours to 1900 hours. Because they make several stops, bus rides are time-consuming and despite their schedules, buses are not always on time. Moreover, during peak hours they can be crowded and uncomfortable. However, buses on Mahe will get you to almost any corner of the island.

7 Things to Do on Mahe Island Seychelles:

  1. Take a trip to the Seychelles capital —Victoria

Victoria is the smallest capital in the world where the Creole language is spoken. Bustling with life and colour, Sir Selwyn Clarke Market is Mahe’s main hub for fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, spices, flowers and souvenirs. In the heart of the capital, one can find the Clock Tower. A replica of Big Ben in the UK, this historical monument has stood the test of time and is one of the most photographed monuments in Seychelles. The National History Museum is definitely worth a visit as it showcases Seychelles’ history through an intriguing display of artifacts. Having a multiracial background with diverse faiths, Victoria may be one of the very few places in the world where one can visit the Catholic and Anglican cathedrals, the Islamic mosque, and Hindu temple all within walking distance from each other!

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  1. Spend the day at the beach

Day at the beach

Spend the day at the beach on one of the numerous spots on Mahe. Whether you fancy going to the North or the South, you are sure to find stretches of luminous white sands complemented by lush palm trees and clear, turquoise waters. The best part? Most of the time, you can have miles of the beach all to yourself!

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  1. Rock Climbing and Zip Lining

Zip Lining

For an exhilarating experience, head to SMAC Adventures, Port Launay where rock climbing and zip lining adventures await! Take in the breathtaking scenery atop the hills while gliding over an evergreen canopy or conquer the age-old majestic outcrops which provide an unrivalled, panoramic view of Mahe island.

  1. Water Sports

Water Sports

Enhance your tropical holiday by adding some water sports fun to your bucket list. From diving, surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, jet skis, parasailing and speed boats…one is spoiled for choice from an array of activities tailored for different ages and tastes. Head to Beau Vallon or Port Launay beach for the best water sports experience. Prices vary based on the activities but range between 35- 600 Euros.

  1. Relish Delicious Street Food

Delicious Food

Explore authentic creole cuisine by relishing delicious street food at the different night markets organized in Victoria and various districts. These usually take place on every last weekend of the month. Here you will find favourites such as octopus curry, grilled fish and roasted breadfruit. Prices range anywhere from Rs. 10 - Rs. 150 (EUR 0.67-10). While there, grab a couple of souvenirs, gather around a bonfire and dance your heart away to the moutya. Moutya is Seychelles’ traditional dance and it has been declared as an intangible heritage by UNESCO. You can also find street food during the day in different corners of Victoria and along the Beau Vallon esplanade.

  1. Discover the Forests and Nature Trails


Go on a hike and discover the forests and nature trails unique to Mahe island. For nature lovers, this is a wonderful chance to explore the different native and endemic species to Seychelles. Trek up the highest peak in Seychelles — the Morne Seychellois trail for the most breathtaking 360-degree view of Mahe and the neighbouring islands. Nature trails have different levels of difficulty and when in doubt, it is always advisable to opt for a guide. Some of the most popular trails include: the Copolia trail, Anse Major trail and Mare aux cochons.

  1. Go on an Island Cruise

Island Cruise

Explore the Ste Anne Marine Park, Moyenne Island, Cerf Island and other nearby islands through a day cruise followed by a creole BBQ on the beach. Spend a lazy afternoon snorkeling or set off to explore the islands on foot. For a romantic setting, you can opt for a cruise around the islands in the late afternoon, where you get to sail with your loved one towards the magnificent setting sun.

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